Storytelling Through Video

7 Steps for Producing & Promoting Video Content


“Every business has a story and getting it told through video is a strong way to market. Patrick and his 7 steps can guide someone to creating their own quality video without prior experience. He simplifies the process so even a novice can feel comfortable taking on this task. Or you can be like me and just hire him to do it!

—Dr. Kris Birkeland, Modern Acupuncture - Arcadia and 16th & Camelback Owner

"Storytelling Through Video is a fantastic starting point for any business owner seeking to invest in the most powerful platform on the planet: video marketing. Patrick lays out an easy to follow guide for incorporating video into your marketing strategy in order to increase your revenue, and more importantly, to impact more people."
—Meredith Marsh,





(Free for a limited time)

Join me as I review the 7 steps I use for all of the video production work we do.  

In this video I break down the very same process I use to get the information needed to craft an awesome story with great imagery.

If you want to keep more views on your videos, check out these 5 keys.

Unless you’re a cowboy, shooting from the hip just doesn’t work… Which is exactly why developing a video strategy is so important.

Say 'Hello' to video marketing, and say ‘Good Bye’ to the stress and anxiety.

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