Adam Arkfeld


Many things have changed over the years, but his commitment to growth has always stayed the same.

About Adam Arkfeld

His work may be digital, but it’s the real people behind the scenes that make all the difference. Their curiosity and creativity have propelled ParaCore from a one-man development shop to a top-notch digital marketing team of 10+ in just a few years.

Over 8 years, 3 offices, and thousands of Barros pizzas later, ParaCore is proud to have grown from humble coffee-shop beginnings to one of the top digital marketing agencies in Phoenix. Many things have changed over the years, but their commitment to growth will always stay the same.

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  • [00:19] Adam talks about what ParaCore is and what it does
  • [00:51] He talks about having a wife and a kid and juggling daddy hood with work
  • [01:05] He runs through the naming process for ParaCore and buying the domain
  • [02:03] Adam talks about his previous job in real estate after graduation and what led him to ParaCore
  • [02:30] How Adam made his first sale at ParaCore
  • [03:29] What an entrepreneur looks like to Adam
  • [04:52] How Adam starts his day by focusing on a keystone habit
  • [05:52] How he typically ends his day
  • [06:26] The two most important things Adam has done for his business
  • [10:32] How often Adam works ON his business
  • [12:32] Who Adam has to BE in order to be a great business owner is needing to be in good physical health
  • [13:58] The one experience share that Adam would give to those looking to scale
  • [18:10] fun rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Adam!

"If you own a FERRARI you’re NOT going to take it to the HONDA dealership… be the Ferrari guy for your industry"

Adam Arkfeld, ParaCore