Angela & Kyle Larkin

Extra Small Design

Don't let the name Extra Small Design fool you... there is nothing small about these two entrepreneurs!

About Angela & Kyle Larkin

Angela & Kyle believe in all the “little” things: good relationships with our clients, giving your project the time and care it deserves, and honest communication.

You know a story is good when it starts out like this... Someone came to them and wanted to give them a larger check than they were comfortable with… so they decided it was time to actually build a business!



  • [00:22] Angela talks about what they do at Extra Small Design
  • [00:45] She tells how long their company has been around
  • [01:09] Kyle talks about being architects before they were entrepreneurs and how that came to be
  • [01:51] They tell the story of making their first sale at Extra Small Design
  • [02:44] How the name that they came up with for their business started out as a joke
  • [03:33] Kyle and Angela go into detail about how they break the trust barrier with the help of communication and the process of maintaining the company-customer relationship with the help of examples
  • [08:16] What an entrepreneur looks like to Angela and Kyle
  • [09:19] Why Angela thinks working for somebody else is easier compared to being an entrepreneur, which nevertheless offers flexibility
  • [10:05] The thing that surprised them most about being a business owner
  • [10:57] How much time Angela and Kyle spend ON their business
  • [13:09] What advice Angela would give to both entrepreneurs that are new at it and those looking to scale
  • [15:05] Meanwhile, Kyle advices not to lose sight of why they started what they started
  • [16:57] Rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Angela & Kyle!

"Whatever you DO is what you get known for… be intentional about the type of work you want and you take on... especially in early stages"

Angela Larkin, Extra Small Design