Beth Lebowitz

Nimbus Legal

She is disrupting the legal industry...  FOREVER

(and it makes so much sense)

About Beth Lebowitz

With Nimbus Legal, Beth is creating an innovative solution for growth stage and mid-market companies by offering outsourced strategic general counsel services on a flat monthly fee subscription basis.

Nimbus Legal was born from an idea rooted in the needs of fast-growing companies reaching middle market stage: quick, proactive, practical, and efficient legal services on a transparent flat fee subscription basis.

Her “why” is to give companies the tools for the intelligent consumption of legal services and to provide value.

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  • [00:23] Beth talks about when she found Nimbus Legal and what it does
  • [01:30] Previous jobs she had in various startups and where she got bit by the startup bug
  • [02:17] Why technology implementation and use is part of Nimbus Legal
  • [03:08] Talks about her husband and three-year-old daughter
  • [03:14] Beth relays a funny story about her daughter coming to work
  • [03:43] How Beth made her first sale
  • [04:10] What a typical day is like for Beth providing in-house council instead of being in a traditional brick-and-mortar office
  • [06:18] How it’s bad that the legal industry is not customer focused
  • [06:58] What an entrepreneur looks like to Beth
  • [07:49] Beth talks about her process of scaling Nimbus Legal
  • [08:56] Talks about turning down potential customers
  • [10:52] Gives a teaser about introducing another tech company for small businesses
  • [11:16] What surprised her about being a business owner
  • [12:41] The last time an activity made Beth totally lost track of time
  • [14:35] How Beth holds herself accountable
  • [15:45] What she has to BE in order to be a great entrepreneur/business leader
  • [17:41] What advice/experience share would Beth give to budding entrepreneurs
  • [20:22] A fun rapid fire question round

Rapid Fire with Beth!

“I killed the billable hour... It HAD TO GO … it wasn’t working for companies”

Beth Lebowitz, Nimbus Legal