Bob Hamer

Sports Business Solutions

He found a way to combine both of his passions into one company!

About Bob Hamer

Bob figured that if he found find a job that married his passion for sports and his passion for business that would be perfect… he didn’t find what he was looking for so he created it!

Now he not only gets to work with professional sports teams and run a business, he gets to give back in order to help other get a start in the sports business.  How awesome is that!

He started working with team for free, delivered enough value to be asked to come back, and built his business from there.



  • [00:18] Bob talks about Sports Business Solutions and goes into detail about doing sales training, consulting, recruiting and providing career services to people in the sports industry
  • [01:52] The one thing that makes Sports Business Solutions unique
  • [02:20] How Bob got into sports business by combining his passion for sports and business and how it came from
  • [05:00] What an entrepreneur looks like to Bob
  • [05:43] How he made his first sale
  • [09:16] He talks about how his way of selling today is still about helping others
  • [09:33] The biggest obstacle Bob feels he will run into when doubling his business
  • [11:19] The worst business decision he made
  • [13:01] How Bob holds himself accountable
  • [14:43] He talks about the challenge in his business of having trust, open communication and being in constant contact with the team as everything is remote
  • [15:51] Who Bob has to BE in order to be a good entrepreneur
  • [17:53] The advice he would give to new graduates and entrepreneurs
  • [20:41] Rapid fire round

Rapid Fire with Bob!

"I think for a lot of entrepreneurs, the ones that I know are a little selfless and do it for the challenge not necessarily for the money"

Bob Hamer, Sports Business Solutions