Giovanni Pace


Catering & Food Delivery – from 21 meals to 5000!

About Giovanni Pace

I had the pleasure of sitting down Giovanni Pace from Scratch Culinary… we talk about Scratch, SC Meal Prep, Business Ownership, the most important thing to him (TRUST) and BREAKFAST BURRITOS!

If you’re local to Phoenix, you have GOT to check out Scratch Culinary and SC Meal Prep… it’s where I get ALL MY MEALS!



  • [00:19] Giovanni talks about how Scratch Culinary started out as a catering business and evolved into meal prep services
  • [01:18] He goes into detail about the meal prep and delivery part of the business that primarily focuses on providing services to CrossFit and other athletic communities
  • [03:05] How SC meal prep started out with one client and 21 meals a week and is now pushing just under 5,000 meals a week
  • [04:06] His process of deciding what to put on the menu, why it’s a challenge and why feedback is essential
  • [05:49] What’s next for Scratch Culinary
  • [07:20] Giovanni goes into detail about the breakfast options that they offer and why they won’t be changing them anytime soon
  • [09:06] He talks about accommodating people on Paleo and Keto diets, dietary restrictions and how Whole30 comes into it
  • [10:56] Giovanni talks about trial and subscription options for Scratch Culinary
  • [12:33] Previous jobs he had as a chef
  • [13:25] An important experience share he received from being a chef
  • [15:11] What Giovanni does for fun
  • [16:16] He talks about what his experience going from an executive chef to owning Scratch Culinary was like

"Focus on excellence!"

Giovanni Pace, Scratch Culinary