Hayley Ringle

Phoenix Business Journal

She talk about about how to get your company story in the Phoenix Business Journal, the startup scene, co-working, and what trends she has seen over the last 6 years.

About Hayley Ringle

Hayley Ringle from the Phoenix Business Journals sits down with me to talk about entrepreneurship resources. Hayley has been reporting on all things technology and technology startups in Phoenix, AZ for over 6 years.

She talks about the startup scene from her perspective… seeing a lot more activity than in recent years, tons of co-working spaces popping up, big companies moving into town, and higher fundraising amounts being acquired.

She also dish on ways to get your story published in her newspaper. Spoiler Alert… you don’t need a PR company, if you have a story just give her a call!

Direct: 602.308.6514
Twitter @PhxBizHayley

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Check Hayley's articles at the Phoenix Business Journal at https://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/bio/15421/Hayley+Ringle



  • [00:19] What Hayley does at the Phoenix Business Journal
  • [02:30] Hayley talks about how she does not have a typical day
  • [02:59] Hayley talks about what has surprised her the most about the Phoenix startup scene and the entrepreneurs she has interviewed
  • [03:47] What makes a good interview for Hayley
  • [05:02] What makes Hayley uncomfortable as a reporter and the love/hate relationship with PR people
  • [08:34] Hayley talks about what an entrepreneur looks like to her
  • [08:57] If Hayley was going to create a start up, she would leverage these resources first!
  • [11:14] The best way to get a hold of Hayley

Rapid Fire with Hayley!

"If you have a story, just give me a call… I get a lot of email but not many phone calls"

Hayley Ringle, Phoenix Business Journal