Jessie Whitfield


Helping Businesses Grow is her mission, and providing experiential photo marketing & brand Activations is her thing!

About Jessie Whitfield

It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur… Take it from Jessie W, she owns MisGif (like in mischief) a photo booth company. She owes a lot of her success to an entrepreneurship community called #YESPHX.

Through its Startup Week event she has found mentors, business coaches, and corporate partners to help her reach her goals.

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  • [00:26] What MisGif is, and what it has evolved into
  • [01:29] Jessie explains how she got the idea for a digital photo booth company (turned digital marketing add-on)
  • [03:05] Jessie gives her experience share around what an entrepreneur looks like to her
  • [04:04] She talks about good days and focusing on 3 things can make any day a good day
  • [04:38] What has surprised her the most about being a business owner/entrepreneur (hint: she talk about the different kinds of stress!)
  • [05:50] Jessie talks about the biggest obstacle between her and doubling her business
  • [06:59] How being able to take a risk is what she is REALLY most proud of
  • [08:28] Jessie talks about who she has to BE in order to be a great entrepreneur
  • [09:33] Jessie shares a bit of advice for those starting out

Rapid Fire with Jessie!

"What’s I’ve learned from our #YESPHX community is that you don’t have to have an idea that is 100% brand new, you just have to be innovative with how you are doing it"

Jessie Whitfield, Founder & Owner