Jodi Low


She teaches companies how to bring energy, collaboration and purpose back into the culture

About Jodi Low

U & Improved is an award-winning leadership development and training company with a mission of improving people’s lives and impacting the world on a global scale.  Jodi like to think she’s really bringing alignment and purpose back to an organization… bring more energy, collaboration, and passion back to the company’s culture.


Classes are small, intimate and designed to lead students through experiential processes that impart the knowledge to immediately implement improvements in their personal and professional lives. Students break through barriers holding them back and walk away with newfound focus, self-confidence, self-awareness, enthusiasm and passion.


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  • [00:26] - Jodi explains what U & Improved is, and what she does
  • [01:19] - How Jodi came up with the idea of what U & Improved has become and what it offers
  • [01:57] - Jodi talks about what entrepreneurship looks like to her
  • [02:26] - Where Jodi gets her entrepreneurship spirit and how her dad played a roll
  • [03:06] - The last time she was inspired
  • [03:53] - Jodi greatest struggle in business is "the juggle"
  • [05:40] - Jodi explains her method of holding herself accountable
  • [06:55] - How Jodi expresses gratitude
  • [07:48] - Why being authentic is who she has to BE in order to be a great leader
  • [08:44] - Jodi explains what advice she would give her younger self
  • [09:25] - What she tells her two daughters every single night to inspire them and keep them grounded
  • [10:53] - Jodi talks about what her different classes look like

Rapid Fire with Jodi!

"You can BE, DO & HAVE anything you want in this world as long as you work hard, you believe in yourself and you are kind an compassionate toward yourself and other people"

Jodi Low, U & Improved