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About Karen Nowicki

For over 20 years, Karen Nowicki has been helping entrepreneurs and the people who lead them drive their business strategies more effectively. As studio partner for Business Radio X and host for the metro Phoenix network shows, Nowicki has the pleasure of working with the most innovative, passionate and driven people who make a difference in their community and are willing to help others do the same.

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  • [00:29] - How Karen to got into Business RadioX family
  • [01:49] - Karen talks about where she got the money to invest into Business RadioX Phoenix
  • [02:20] - Karen talks about her mission from when she first started til now
  • [03:15] - The “magic ingredient" Business RadioX offers that no one else offers
  • [04:15] - Karen talks about what she believes an entrepreneur should do in their business
  • [05:00] - What surprises Karen the most about being a business owner
  • [05:35] - Karen talks about her greatest struggle to date
  • [06:24] - Who Karen has to BE in order to be a great entrepreneur
  • [06:50] - Karen gives advice to her younger self

Rapid Fire with Karen!

"Who do I need to accelerate my relationship with?"

Karen Nowicki, Business Radio X - Phoenix