Kevin Black

EDGE Challenges

His strategic electronic war games help develop the next generation of leaders

About Kevin Black

Kevin is no stranger to playing computer simulated war games.  He believe in its ability to transform organizations and develop the next class of leadership that he created an entire company to realize his vision. Kevin's philosophy is that leadership and strategy are interdependent. Most times strategies do not go according to plan, requiring leaders to drive them from the ground up.



  • [00:37] Kevin talks about how he came up with the idea for Edge Challenges
  • [01:51] Kevin talks about creating a gaming/learning event for executive and what that looks like
  • [04:27] The rules of engagement for this leadership gaming event are important, Kevin tells us why
  • [06:21] Kevin talks about the prep work involved and how he sets up the game and the teams
  • [08:36] Kevin talks about one of his favorite stories around how great realizations and growth came from one of his gaming simulations
  • [11:16] Kevin talks about a book he is currently writing called The Emergent Leader
  • [13:10] Who Kevin believes you have to BE in order to be a great entrepreneur or leader

Rapid Fire with Kevin!

"Roughly (ONLY) 10% of corporate strategies are actualized the way they are intended!"

Kevin Black, Principal & Founder