Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy Law

With his debt focused law firm he saw an opportunity to be the white knight in an otherwise shady industry

About Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy is an old friend (and mentor) and entrepreneur who just happens to also be a lawyer.  He has expanded his law firms footprint to have more than 90 locations nationwide and believes that finances are a very personal matter and should be discussed in person with a qualified debt attorney.

He drops some very real and very captivating knowledge bombs about entrepreneurship -- these will really make you think!



  • [00:27] Kevin talks about what they do at McCarthy Law i.e. helping people with debt
  • [01:09] Kevin talks about his wife and where his kids work now that they’re “off the payroll” so to speak
  • [01:46] Shines a light on his pre-McCarthy Law days as a lawyer, a cabinet manufacturer and his return to law
  • [02:12] Why he decided to focus on debt settlement at McCarthy Law
  • [02:58] The journey to going national, expanding into credit reports and other kinds of debts
  • [04:39] Coming back to law and making his first sale
  • [05:18] What an entrepreneur looks like to him i.e. it being a mindset rather than an identity
  • [06:43] Kevin talks about the start of his day being a volitional process for him
  • [08:31] The worst mistake he tends to make as a manager of people
  • [09:47] How being open to a shared leadership role is the best thing he did for McCarthy Law
  • [11:22] How he tries not to let the worst thing to happen in any given week color the whole week as he believes that business is very forgiving
  • [13:04] How Kevin tries to savor the good moments
  • [13:56] The Hoffman Process retreat that focused on vision
  • [15:12] What Kevin has to BE in order to be a good business person/entrepreneur, doing vs being
  • [16:46] How he expresses gratitude
  • [17:52] Kevin gives advice/experience share for new entrepreneurs and for those looking to scale their business
  • [19:49] Fun rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Kevin!

"You can't be a victim and be greatful at the same time"

Kevin McCarthy, McCarthy Law


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