Lauren Bailey

Upward Projects

Co-owner of over 13 restaurants, she dishes out amazing entrepreneurial insights

About Lauren Bailey

Lauren is an entrepreneurs entrepreneur. She’s a grinder, a lover of life, never settles for anything less than amazing, and in this interview completely vulnerable. She owns 13 different restaurants and can’t grow fast enough. Her insights into entrepreneurship are amazing.

In this interview Lauren dishes out real, authentic experience shares, something that is talked about enough, and an inside look from her first restaurant to now!

Check out Upward Projects and her 5 restaurants here:

Upward Projects

Joy Ride Taco House


Postino Wine Cafe

Federal Pizza

Churn Ice Cream



  • [00:35] - Lauren shares a the story about how she got started and how it grew to what it is now
  • [01:32] - Lauren talks about expanding, and building out a new headquarters in Phoenix, AZ
  • [03:54] - Lauren talks about how she put together the initial funding for Upward Projects and what funding it’s growth looks like
  • [06:56] - Lauren talks about what “running the business” (looking at financials, hiring, driving culture) looks like for her
  • [08:25] - Lauren gets vulnerable and talks about the worst thing that’s happen to her in the last 60 days
  • [12:45] - Lauren answers the question, "Who do you have to BE in order to be a great entrepreneur?”
  • [05:42] - Lauren sheds light on what’s next for Upward Projects

Rapid Fire with Lauren!

"I don’t know anybody who’s entrepreneurial journal is like this pristine, perfect field of snow with no problems. It just doesn’t happen"

Lauren Bailey, CEO/Co-Founder Upward Projects