Lisa Morrow


She believes it should be easier to bring joy to another person's life, and is obsessed with finding ways people can create happy memories with one another in real life

About Lisa Morrow

Working as a crisis counselor she noticed people were feeling disconnected and lonely (around the time social media started taking off) and wanted to figure out how she could help people reconnect.  She wants to be connected with the people around us, be there for one another, and celebrate together.

As an entrepreneur, in the beginning she made the classic mistake of creating something for “everyone” instead of “someone”. In the end she figure out how to sell "Surprise & Delight", and she is the absolute BEST at it!

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  • [00:22] Lisa talks about her company, Birdytell and what it does
  • [00:34] How she came up with the idea of Birdytell while working as a crisis counselor and not having time for getting presents at Christmas
  • [02:31] How old is Birdytell and when they started actually providing gifts
  • [03:06] Tells the story about when the first sale was made
  • [05:23] How Lisa breaks the trust barrier with prospective customers by paying attention to details and being very reachable
  • [07:11] Talks about her mission of simplifying thoughtful gifting with Birdytell that evolved into better meeting their mission beyond wishlists
  • [08:19] What an entrepreneur looks like to Lisa
  • [09:39] The best decision she made for Birdytell
  • [10:30] Her worst decision todate
  • [11:40] How Lisa starts her day and dedicates a block of time to her work
  • [13:19] How much of her time is spent on her business rather than in it
  • [14:25] Knowing all the details and honing in on the process to scale the business
  • [15:19] Who Lisa has to BE in order to be a good entrepreneur
  • [16:57] The advice would Lisa give to budding entrepreneurs and those looking to scale is to put customers first
  • [18:53] Fun rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Lisa!

"My husband and I delievered the first gifts... the real magic was that weekend, people were taking selfies even cried and immediately called the person"

Lisa Morrow, BirdyTell