Marisha McGorty


Overcoming 6 FIGURES of mistakes to create a successful app

About Marisha McGorty

You don’t have to know how to code in order to build an app or a SAAS product, but you do need the drive and desire to solve a problem you are extremely passionate about. Marisha is the proof! She does not have a background in application development, and has overcome 6 FIGURES of mistakes to create a successful app. She create a web based application to help SLPs manage their workload, and today she has a library of over 1000 materials for her members to access.


Marisha’s success also proves your MVP does NOT have to be fantastic, it just has to work and solve a problem!



  • [00:37] - What is Speech Language Pathology (SLP) and how do you create a business around this?
  • [01:44] - Marisha talks about how she got into SLP
  • [02:43] - Marisha talks about her business, SLP NOW and what it does?
  • [04:33] - Where did Marisha get the money to build a SAAS application?
  • [06:46] - Marisha talks about what has surprised her the most about being a business owner?
  • [08:04] - Marisha talks about 6-figures worth of mistakes she’s made so far
  • [08:56] - How often Marisha works ON her business vs. inside her business?
  • [10:01] - Marisha talks about the last time she was inspired
  • [11:48] - Marisha answers the question, “Who do you have to BE in order to be a business owner / entrepreneur?“

Rapid Fire with Marisha!

"I made probably 6 FIGURES worth of mistakes… but they were all steps to where I am today"

Marisha McGorty, Founder