Neal Kendrick

Couple of Bartenders / Tap Truck AZ

He runs a mobile bartending company, but don't kid yourself about this true business man, he focuses on Progress, Production, and Profit!

About Neal Kendrick

If there is a beverage management or bar component to an event… that’s where they shine!  They are husband and wife Neal & Kensey-Beth Kendrick and they are a Couple of Bartenders.  They also have Tap Truck AZ which is a 1966 panel truck with 5 taps down the side, for wine, coffee, cocktails or beer.
His entrepreneurial sprint is really more about having a drive to make things happen and that evolved into starting a business.  For four years Neal held a corporate job while getting this business up and running and building a great foundation.  And when he went all in, the business exploded!



  • [0:34] Neal explains with Couple of Bartenders does and it differs from Tap Truck AZ
  • [2:36] Neal talks about where he got his entrepreneurial spirit, or rather his drive to make things happen in order to survive
  • [3:43] What a good day looks like to Neal, and how he knows he’s had one
  • [5:07] What has surprised him the most about being a business owner
  • [6:42] Neal talks about how often he looks at his P&L, and other metrics he uses to measure the success of his business
  • [9:36] How Neal handles the tough times in business and what that feels like to him
  • [12:13] Who does Neal have to “BE” in order to be a great entrepreneur
  • [13:20] Neal offers one piece of advice for other entrepreneurs
  • [16:00] Fun rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Neal!

"If you treat it like a hobby you’re going to get paid like a hobby"

Neal Kendrick, Couple of Bartenders