Pam Metivier

SteamTeam 5

She started STEAMTEAM 5 so that parents everywhere can inspire their daughters with great role models!

About Pam Metivier

She has a very successful marketing company, and reinvented herself to create a new venture... a children's book that tells the story of five amazing girls who use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to do amazing things - SteamTeam 5. But this is much more than just a book. It’s the beginning of a movement to attract girls to careers in STEM/STEAM.

She also started a kickstarter to fund the development of a book… and CRUSHED IT!  And subsequently got invited to the United Nations to talk about girls/women in STEM/STEAM.



  • [00:21] Pam talks about what STEAM Team 5 is
  • [00:40] What STEM and STEAM stand for and what differentiates them
  • [01:01] Having an 11-year-old son and what it’s like to see him love STEAM Team 5
  • [01:18] How she and Greg, her business partner, came up with the idea for STEAM Team 5 and how attending the Women’s March motivated her
  • [02:45] Pam’s career trajectory before STEAM Team 5 from working in startups to consulting to where she is now
  • [03:26] How she made her first STEAM Team 5 sale via Kickstarter
  • [04:49] What an entrepreneur looks like to Pam
  • [05:28] How she starts her day with checklists as she juggles two businesses
  • [06:49] Pam talks about ending her nights by winding down and working on STEAM Team 5
  • [07:24] The most important thing she’s done for STEAM Team 5 is going all in
  • [08:28] How Pam holds herself accountable being someone who works from home and runs two businesses
  • [10:20] The best thing that happened to Pam in the last 60 days
  • [11:33] Pam’s reinvention journey from starting out in corporate to STEAM Team 5 is more about reprioritization
  • [13:35] What’s in store for STEAM Team 5
  • [14:28] The one piece of advice Pam would give to new entrepreneurs and those looking to scale
  • [16:49] Rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Pam!

"I view it as different stages in your life, not really a reinvention of yourself... the whole point for me was to have the flexibility to be the parent I wanted to be"

Pam Metivier, STEAMTEAM 5