Rachel Egboro

The Whole Story

She didn’t just start a business, she started a cause by expanding black narratives through personal stories

About Rachel Egboro

The Whole Story is a live storytelling show created by Rachel to expand black narratives through personal stories.

Rachel was so focused on creating her cause she didn't even realize she was an entrepreneur until someone told her… #TRUTH

All of her shows sell out, she has a LONG wait list, loves the AH-HA moment people get when they connect to their story, and says the key to telling your story so it resonates with others is to be AUTHENTIC!




  • [00:21] Rachel talks about what her cause, The Whole Story, is all about
  • [01:28] How she came up with the idea to give a voice to Black people via their stories after the events of 2016
  • [03:12] What made her want to continue pursuing the cause
  • [03:53] What Rachel looks for in new storytellers
  • [04:47] The process of her helping storytellers curate their stories
  • [06:02] The various reasons she has to turn away some people
  • [07:59] What surprised Rachel the most about The Whole Story
  • [09:17] What an entrepreneur looks like to her
  • [10:01] What Rachel has to be in order to be a good entrepreneur
  • [10:43] What’s next for The Whole Story
  • [11:09] Rachel tells when and where the next show will be and how many storytellers will be in it
  • [12:21] Rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Rachel!

"I love that AH-HA moment people get when they connect to their own story"

Rachel Egboro, The Whole Story