Scott Morris

Lanza AV

His mission is to make every home and business safe and smart

About Scott Morris

Lanva AV is more than just a home audio and video company.  They teach, design and install professional AV products in both homes and offices.

They bring an unparalleled level of professionalism which reflects in our core values... Simplicity, Innovation, Forward Thinking, Problem Solving, Experience & Knowledge, and Commitment

He also explains the difference between being “A” leader vs. being “THE” leading and the kind of impacts each have on employees.



  • [00:19] Scott talks about what Lanza AV does
  • [01:24:] Talks about building a business while having a wife and two kids
  • [01:32] How Scott and his wife came up with the name Lanza AV
  • [02:04] Jobs he had before Lanza AV from car washing to freelancing
  • [04:40] How Scott made his first sale at Lanza AV
  • [05:06] Details about how he starts his day
  • [05:55] The best thing that happened to him as an entrepreneur in the last 60 days was delving into project numbers & financials
  • [06:40] The worst thing that has happened to Scott in the last 60 days
  • [07:24] How often Scott looks at his P&L as well as the bottom line (hint: every Friday)
  • [08:11] What Scott has to BE i.e. “being” the leader instead of “a”, as per Ryan Avery’s concept, in order to be a good entrepreneur
  • [09:20] How he deals with failure as an entrepreneur
  • [11:24] Rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Scott!

"When A leader talks people pay attention, but when THE leader talks people take action"

Scott Morris, Lanza AV