Shatha Barbour

Hera Hub (Phoenix)

Spa inspired co-working focused on women… how cool is that!

About Shatha Barbour

Shatha left her corporate job to spend more time with her kids, and fell in love with the idea of creating a co-working space for women with a twist… it’s spa inspired!

One of the reasons Shatha worked so hard to get Hera Hub Phoenix up and running was because she understood the pain points and what it’s like to be a woman entrepreneur. Many of the women entrepreneurs that work out of the Hera Hub Phoenix are 35+ and have left their corporate background in order to launch something they feel passionate about.




  • [00:21] Shatha talks about what Hera Hub Phoenix does and why it has a spa-inspired atmosphere
  • [01:23] She talks about her career trajectory from working in the corporate world and a non-profit to finding Hera Hub Phoenix
  • [05:26] What an entrepreneur looks like to her as the founder of a company that focuses predominantly on women
  • [06:43] She talks about how anybody can be an entrepreneur today
  • [07:16] How Shatha deals with failure especially after the setbacks she experienced in her career
  • [09:19] A book Shatha’s recently enjoyed reading is Tribal Leadership as it made her look differently at co-working
  • [11:44] What surprised her most about being a business owner
  • [13:56] Why Shatha starts small and dives in deep when it comes to learning new things
  • [15:18] What she has to be in order to be a good business owner
  • [16:57] The one advice she’d give to new and experienced entrepreneurs
  • [19:28] A little rapid fire round

Rapid Fire with Shatha!

"To be a good entreprenuer, I think you need to be open... when you are light and airy it helps"

Shatha Barbour, Hera Hub Phoenix