Zack Barna


He strives to be much more than just a vendor – he wants to support his clients’ core business and charitable goals, and be a true partner

About Zack Barna

Zack Barna of boompromo has a mission... it's to make his clients’ lives easier by providing innovative specialty items that maximize marketing dollars and increase audience engagement.  At boompromo, they provide promotional products, screenprint and embroidery to small businesses and big brands alike.

This incredibly grounded and humble entrepreneur has a BOOMing story… and it starts with FAMILY.

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  • [01:37] Zack talks about how long he has had Boom Promo
  • [02:08] Zack talks about owning a business and splitting his time between the business, wife and kids
  • [03:18] How Zack came up with the idea of building a promotions company, and some of his previous jobs
  • [04:24] How he made his first sale
  • [05:06] Zack talks about being the sales arm, staying in his passion and someone else running the business
  • [07:31] What an entrepreneur looks like to him
  • [08:19] How Zack starts and ends his day (his routine)
  • [10:36] Zack talks about wishing he’d known about setting rules earlier
  • [11:03] The most important thing he has done for his business
  • [13:07] How often he looks at his P&L statement, where he focuses and why
  • [13:54] Zack talks about finding leading edge items to track on a weekly or maybe even a monthly basis isn’t revenue or profit
  • [16:20] The worst thing that has happened to him in the last 60 days
  • [19:38] Who he has to BE in order to be a great entrepreneur in his opinion
  • [22:32] One piece of advice/experience share he would offer to someone just starting a business or trying to scale it
  • [25:19] Fun rapid fire questions

Rapid Fire with Zack!

"The entrepreneur pieces of the business took a longer time for me to develop"

Zack Barna, boompromo