Our Process


Video is often cited as the most effective marketing content for driving results. It’s proven to significantly increase Website traffic, time on site, social engagement, and conversion. But it’s not only a great marketing tool. Videos also play a significant role in closing sales as well as customer training and support. So, we’re all in agreement that video is important. Now what?

That’s where we come in. We guide our clients through a 7-step process to help them answer five key questions:

  1. What role should video play in meeting our business goals?
  2. What types of videos do we need?
  3. How do we tell the most compelling story?
  4. Who or what should be the subject of our video(s)?
  5. What should our video marketing strategy be?

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Story Discovery

We perform market research and conduct interviews with key stakeholders to learn about the organization’s business goals and marketing objectives. This is where we hear your story in your own words.

Step 2: Developing the Video Strategy

We develop a plan that contains recommendations for the types of video(s) and video/story concepts you’ll need to meet your goals as well as suggestions for who to include and where to film your video session(s). We’ll also suggest ideas for additional b-roll content. You won’t get a “cookie cutter” plan from us. Our recommendations are based on your specific organization.

Step 3: Filming Prep

We draft the initial talking points, flow, and imagery for each video we’re producing with you. You can edit to your heart’s content, and we’ll provide feedback along the way.

Step 4: Filming Session

We schedule and prepare all participants for your filming session(s) beforehand so they’re as comfortable as possible. People tell us that our filming sessions are a lot more fun than they expected!

Step 5: Editing & Revisions

This is where the real magic happens.

Step 6: Video Production

We put the final touches on your video(s) and send them over to you in a ready-to-market format.

Step 7: Video Marketing

We give you a customized tip sheet that contains best practices for using your new videos in marketing campaigns and initiatives. 

Whether you are ready to produce your story or just want to learn more, contact us.

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