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My name is Patrick, and this is my Fuller Story.

In 2010, I started a professional services company focused on providing project management and application development expertise. As the CEO, I knew that focusing on optimizing profitability was important for the longevity of the business, so I developed a software application to make forecasting and scoping our projects much easier. With this new software in place, our profitability skyrocketed (and we didn’t have to increase our rates).

What started out as a home-grown tool quickly evolved into a new product—and a new company!—called ForeIQ, We knew we had a great solution for other professional services firms like ours, but we weren’t sure how to market it effectively.

How do we explain the benefits of using business forecasting to people in a Facebook ad? How do we demonstrate how powerful—yet simple—this software is? These were the questions that plagued me. Then the answer became obvious: We needed to make a video that explained why we created this product. In other words, I needed to share my story.

However, there was a small problem: Video strategy and production were foreign to me. But I decided to dive in deep and learn about both.  First, I created a video that explained my backstory. Then I produced a series of project management videos and product training videos to help people understand what it is that we built and how they could use it to improve profitability on their projects. People loved them.

The best thing about this video project was that I had a total blast! I caught the bug for telling stories through video, and I made a decision to help others do the same.

Helping business leaders and entrepreneurs tell their story has become a passion for me now.  In fact, I developed the Fuller Entrepreneur Series in which I interview other entrepreneurs in an attempt to challenge the belief about what entrepreneurship looks like. (You can watch the series here.)

I’ve worked with a lot of people to help them share their unique stories. At Fuller Story, we’ve developed a step-by-step process that ensures that you’ll be prepared (without getting overwhelmed), you’ll have fun (without breaking the bank), and you’ll end up with a story that you’re excited to share with others.

If you have a story you’d like to tell, please drop me a line.

Whether you are ready to produce your story or just want to learn more, contact us.

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