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Think about the last time you surfed around a company's website and thought to yourself, "Is this business even legit? What the heck do they do?" This is the last impression you want to leave on a site visitor or potential customer, which is why a product explainer video is the first video you should make.

Conversions on landing pages go up by 80% on average when coupled with video, now is the time!

STEAMTEAM 5 an adventure book series designed to get young kids excited about learning STEM/STEAM

The co-creators of STEAMTEAM 5, an adventure book series designed to get young kids excited about learning STEM/STEAM, needed multiple videos scripted and produced in order to present to different audiences at speaking events. They needed one version for teachers and librarians, one version for kids, and one version for parents. They launched a Kickstarter to fund printing their books, but the self-produced videos they used for that weren’t going to work on a big stage.

STEAMTEAM 5 Ad Concepts

STEAMTEAM 5 Ad Unit targeting Parents

"When my daughter was born, like many parents, my wife and I were concerned about what the world would look like when she grows up. Will there even BE jobs? We decided to take the responsibility upon ourselves to make sure she was prepared for any possible future.

Our mission is to make STEAMTEAM 5 a household name among parents. Our book, “The Beginning,” is just that. Pam and I welcome you to join us on this mission!" - Greg H.

STEAMTEAM 5 Ad Unit targeting children

"STEAMTEAM 5: The Beginning is a children’s book that tells the story of five amazing girls who use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to do amazing things.

But this is much more than just a book. It’s the beginning of a movement to attract girls to careers in STEM/STEAM. This book is the first volume of a fictional universe built around these characters, designed to grow so that they can serve as ongoing role models for young girls." - Pam M.

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